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Memories for Lent!

Gee, here I am, already asking for forgiveness, and Lent just started.  But as I said yesterday, these pages of my life, with my Creator's pen-in-hand, are purely random.  As a young boy, prior to my decision to enlisting in our United States Air Force back in 1969, together with my siblings, I was being taught the importance of trying to become a good person(my parents hope, anyway), at home, during my high school years at Becahi, and even at our church's boys club, the Casino.
    Yes, during my childhood days, my family always had a moment of prayer together..it was called....well, let me put it this way.  My sister would walk halfway up the cemetery(don't be alarmed...we were the caretakers of our parish cemetery) and she would yell to my brothers and I..."hey, it's time for the Rosary."  Can you believe it!  Right in the middle of a driving layup or just as I was about to score another touchdown!  Oh, she had such great timing. And so, there we were, in the kitchen on our knees...beads in hand. Oh, and these moments went on for years!  Not just at home, but at our parish church as well.  We called them Stations of the Cross, and Rosary Devotions...held on a Sunday afternoon...at 3 o'clock!  Oh yes, as my friends could attest, another game of Buck-Buck, how many fingers do I have up? had to be halted because my family had 4 boys in the game.  
   You know, through the years, I always thought my dad must have "made a deal" with the Dear Lord....that if he returned safely home from defending our country during World War II, he would make sure that his family prayed the rosary...every day!  In thanksgiving, of course.  Looking back, for us, it was the beginning, the formation if you will, of our understanding of the importance of knowing who this person was we called God.  Mom and dad led us to Our Father and I have always given thanks for their wisdom in doing so.  
Oh, and speaking of wisdom, as I approached the receptionist over at Holy Family Manor yesterday, I said to her..."if my mother were still alive today, she'd probably say...John, where's your hat!  It's cold outside."  But that little quip was quickly warmed by the beauty of a 78 year old Italian woman in a wheelchair, with her husband by her side.  Because she is blind, her husband saw me walk in and said to his wife..."oh look, your favorite singer is here."  I didn't say a word, but started to sing.."It had to be You."  So excited, she reached for my hand....and humbly kissed it.  What a beautiful moment that was for all of us.
Sorry for being a bit wordy!  But it's off to Willowbrooke Court in Lansdale to share some music.  So, hopefully we'll see you back here tomorrow!

Look for God's Prescence in one another, and enjoy the moments He gave you.

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