The Full Story From John Bauer


As a performing vocalist from Bethlehem, Pa., I have been sharing social, civic, and liturgical concerts for nearly 40 years. The music notwithstanding, the greatest joy is being able to meet with many wonderful people after every program. However, there was one request I received from a little girl that will remain the hallmark of my vocation.
Following an outdoor concert at Bethlehem’s Musikfest, a young girl approached me with her excited question:

“Mr. Bauer, would you please sign the back-side of one of my festival tickets. I have Michael Jackson’s
autograph too!”

Still today, her kind remark makes me chuckle. Yet, the joy that this little girl felt in that moment is the very essence of this Gift we call Music…in all its forms. As a vocalist, I have come to embrace the importance of sharing this blessing and how it impacts the lives of people, near and far. Talent, for certain, is to be shared, and not just used as a
means to another “gig.” Whether performing our National Anthem at the former Veteran’s Stadium for the Philadelphia Phillies, or simply sharing inspirational music for our hometown folks of Bethlehem under the splendor of cathedral-type venues, I recognized the need for sharing this special gift and continue to provide daily music programs at independent, assisted-living, and Alzheimer resident homes throughout our Lehigh Valley area, and beyond. The culmination of my musical endeavors has resulted in the production of the 3 CDs that comprise a list of some of the “best-loved” hymns and songs of inspiration, now available here on my website They provide a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy a true and wholesome respite from today’s hurried circle of life. I humbly invite you to enjoy this gift of music not just for yourself, but for those who may be in need of comfort and peace.


Meeting the spiritual needs of family and friends thru this collection of prayerful, inspiring music is the sole purpose for these recordings.

They truly offer a renaissance of time-honored hymns, sung with Simplicity and Sincerity, that remain the cornerstone of comfort and peace in our world.


Our desire to become a better person, to be more Christ-like, to heal oneself and solve problems through prayer. These recordings of comforting music are but a stepping-stone in helping this vision become your reality.  

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